Television/Production Credits


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60 Days In



The Briefcase
Market Warriors 
Julius Jr.
Happy To Be Nappy
Making The Cut: Ray Romano Making The Cut
Run Ronnie Run    Flushy
Dog The Bounty Hunter Dog the Bounty Hunter 
Pawn Stars
Family Plots Family Plots
Parking Wars
I Want To Work For Diddy
Haunting Evidence  Haunting Evidence
Bobby G:Adventure Capitalist 
One Piece
Viva Piñata
Fighting Foodons
Hail Caesar: Sid Caesar
Day One
Welcome To The Movies: Mr. Show
Hidden Secrets Of Magic
When Cars Attack
I Dare You: The Ultimate Challenge
The Crusaders
Strange Universe
Route 66
The Secret World Of…
American Legend
You Lie Like A Dog
Valley Of The Dolls
Paradise Beach
Triple Cross
Totally Hidden Video
Fanography Fanography
America’s Most Wanted
Home Green Home
Muppet Sing Along
Java Heads Spectacore Pictures


Ace Ventura:Pet Detective Morgan Creek
SeaQuest NBC
CNN Headline News Turner Broadcasting
Tale Spin Disney
The Mambo Kings Warner Brothers
Hudson Hawk  
True Romance Morgan Creek


Animal Kingdom Aris Entertainment
Yosemite Aris Entertainment
Worldview Aris Entertainment
Deep Voyage Aris Entertainment
Pen Pals Electronic Arts
Silly Noisy House Voyager


Eddie Hollywood Pictures
New Moon Shine James Taylor
Night Moves Joe Cocker
Sweet Thing Mick Jagger
If It Don’t Kill You Bruce Willis
Pancakes Sony Wonder (co-producer)
The Disney Afternoon Disney Records (co-producer)
Muppet Beach Party Jim Henson Records (co-producer)


Staff Composer: Asche and Spencer. Finals include Got Milk, EDS (Super Bowl), Apple Computer, Dunkin Donuts, Nissan, Chrysler, Cadillac, Heinz, MasterCard, HBO Promos, Lexus, Nike (Super Bowl) and more.