Daniel Stein: Composer

Daniel Stein began studying music at the age of seven with the five free lessons that came with his first piano. fourteen years later, he graduated from the Berklee College of Music.

Dan started his professional career as a studio musician in New York City playing keyboards on records, soundtracks, and jingles. He found himself composing at many of the sessions he was working on and in 1988, he moved to Los Angeles when he was accepted into USC’s graduate program “Composition for Film and Television”.

While working on albums for James Taylor and Joe Cocker.and Bon Jovi, Dan stepped into the role of producer. Dan began arranging and co-producing with Robert Kraft on projects for Disney, ABC, Jim Henson, and feature film soundtracks. In 1993 Dan performed and programmed the score for “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective“.

Dan was signed to Herb Alpert’s publishing company Rondor Music in 1994 where he was positioned as a film and television composer among some of the world’s top songwriters.

Drawing on his experience as an arranger, Dan began writing for television. He composed orchestral theme for ABC’s “Day One” news magazine as well as composing themes and underscore for Fox shows such as “Totally Hidden Video” and “America’s Most Wanted“. While composing underscore for A&E’s “Biography“, Dan composed underscore for over 200 episodes of “Strange Universe” for Rysher Television.

Dan has composed underscore for dramas and MOWs for Showtime and has scored the independent feature “Java Heads“.

In 2001, Dan founded MusicBox with longtime friend and collaborator, Joel Goodman. After 13 years in business, MusicBox became the largest independent production library in the country and was recently sold to Ole Music, Canada’s largest independent publisher. MusicBox provided both custom score and library tracks to hundreds of television series, specials, films, and commercials.

Most recently, Dan has written and produce the underscore for the PBS series Market Warriors and has contributed to scores for Sixty Days InFamily PlotsMaking the Cut with Ray Romano, as well as many other popular shows.

His work in television underscore has also led to work in advertising where Dan has composed underscore for over one hundred national commercials including award winning work for “Miller Lite”, “Got Milk?”, “Apple Computer”, “Nike” and “Chrysler Motors”.